Persian Specials

Half Beef Kubideh

Wonderfully seasoned ground beef rolled around a skewer and flame broiled to perfection served with basmati rice. $7.95

Half Chicken Kubideh

Deliciously seasoned ground chicken rolled around a skewer & flame broiled to perfection served with basmati rice. $7.95

Half Boneless Chicken Kabob

Skinless and boneless leg and thigh marinated and char broiled to perfection served with basmati rice. $8.95

Chicken Breast Shish Kabob

Tender breasts of chicken marinated and skewered with onions and bell-peppers then charbroiled to perfection and served with basmati rice. $12.00

Half Chenjeh

Tender pieces of marinated flap meat flame broiled to your liking and served with basmati rice. $9.95

Skishlik- Rack of Lamb Kabob

Tender and succulent rack of lamb marinated and charbroiled to perfection and served with basmati rice. $25.95

Salmon Kabob

Marinated salmon filet skewered with bell-peppers & onions slowly charbroiled and served with basmati rice. $11.95

Loubia Polo

A delightful mixture of sauteed green beans and beef in tomato sauce cooked in basmati rice and served with a skewer of beef kubideh. $11.50

Spring Specials



Spring Specials



Mozzarella Alla Caprese

Fresh tomato slices topped with garden fresh basil mozzarella and topped with vinegar and olive oil $7.45

Italian Egg Rolls

Our secret blend of cheese, artichokes, bell peppers, mushrooms and spinach stuffed in an egg roll and fried to perfection. $7.95


Tilapia Fresca

Lightly baked tilapia covered with a chilled and zesty lemon tomato sauce with hints of fresh mint and garlic topped with sliced avocados. Served with pasta and sauteed vegetables. $10.45

Mamma Mia Pollo

Chicken breast topped with battered eggplant, fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese then baked to perfection in our special homemade checca sauce. Served with pasta and sauteed vegetables. $10.45


Spicy Shrimp

Succulent shrimp sauteed with white wine and garlic, served over a bed of angel hair pasta covered in a spicy fresh tomato and parsley sauce. $10.45

Crab Ravioli

Ravioli stuffed with crab meat and seasoned ricotta cheese served in our secret homemade light and creamy asparagus sauce. $10.95

Chicken Creamy Pomodoro

Chicken breast pieces sauteed with fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and garlic with a touch of cream served over your pasta of choice. $10.45


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