Persian Favorites

Appetizers & Side Orders

101. Kashko Badenjan                                                                       7.95
Fried eggplant mixed with sautéed onions, garlic and kashk (Persian Tahina).
102. Torshi (Mixed Persian Picking)                                           4.99
103. Plain Yogurt                                                                                4.99
104. Mast o’Mousier                                                                           5.95
Plain yogurt and shallots.
105. Mast o’Khiar                                                                                5.95
Chopped cucumber, walnut and herbs mixed with yogurt.
106. Olivieh Salad                                                                               7.95
Diced potato, pickles, eggs, mayonnaise and shredded chicken.
107. Shirazi Salad                                                                               5.50
Chopped cucumber, tomato, onion mixed with fresh lime juice and olive oil.

108. Tahdig                                                                                          8.99
hard rice served with any stew.
(Add 1.50 for 1/2 & 1/2)

Kabob Entrees

All entrees are served with broiled tomato and fluffy Basmati rice)

109. Family Combo         ( serves up to 4 people )                  39.99

Combination of #115, #119 & 122

110.  Barg (fillet mignon)                                                                 19.99
Heart of tenderloin, sliced, skewered, marinated and flame broiled to perfection.
111.  Kubideh (ground beef)                                                            12.99
Seasoned ground beef rolled around a skewer and flame broiled to perfection.
112.  Soltani                                                                                           21.99
Combination of #75 & #76.
113.  Chicken Barg                                                                             18.99
Fresh breast of chicken sliced, marinated and flame broiled to perfection.
114.  Cornish Hen kabob (bone present)                                      16.99
A whole 24 02. Cornish hen marinated and flame broiled to perfection.
115.  Boneless Chicken Kabob                                                         13.99
Boneless chicken (leg & thigh) marinated and flame broiled.
116.  Chicken Kubideh                                                                       12.99
Seasoned ground chicken rolled around a skewer and flame broiled
117.  Chicken Soltani                                                                         20.99
Combination of #78 & #81.
118. Rack of Lamb or Lamb Tender                                       25.99
Succulent pieces of filet lamb tender flame broiled to perfection.
119. Chenjeh                                                                                     16.99

120. Salmon Kabob                                                                        15.99

121. Chicken Breast Shish Kabob                                             12.99

122. Combo Kubideh / combination of # 111 & 116             12.99

side skewer kubideh                                                                       4.50

Persian Soup

123. Ash E Reshte                                                                             7.99

green vegetable soup with noodles, beans, sauteed mint & kashk

House Stews.

124. Gheymeh                                                                                               12.99

Yellow split peas cooked in a special saffron and onion sauce and pieces of beef served with fluffy basmati rice.

125. Ghormah Sabzi                                                                                    12.99

Sauteed vegetables cooked in with dried limes kidney beans, special seasonings and bits of beef served with fluffy basmati rice.

126. Fesenjon                                                                                       13.99

Puree of walnut pomegranate sauce, sweet ( not sugar sweet) and pieces of chiken, served with fluffy basmati rice.

127. Gheymeh Bademjan                                                            13.99

stew of eggplant with sauteed diced beef, onions and yello split peas in a fresh saffron tomato sauce. served with fluffy basmati rice.

128. Albalou Polo                                                                               12.99

our cherries cooked with our special sweet & sour sauce, mixed with fluffy basmati
rice served with ground chicken kabo.

129. Loubia Polo                                                                                12.99

A mixture of sautéed green beans and tomato sauce mixed with fluffy rice and served
with one skewer of ground beef kabob.

130. Adas Polo                                                                                   14.99

An exotic mixture of lentils & basmati rice cooked to perfection topped with sautéed
raisins & dates served with ground chicken kabob.

131. Zereshk Polo                                                                             14.99

A tantali2ing sauce of sour barberries and saffron in a mixture of fluffy rice served
with ground chicken kabob.

132. Shirin Polo                                                                                  14.99

An exotic mixture o.f basmati rice, saffron, orange peel, pistachio & almond slivers
served with ground chicken kabob.